Galleria Continua


马里奥·克里斯蒂阿尼-总监, 创始人
洛伦佐·飞亚斯其-总监, 创始人
莫瑞希欧·瑞哥罗-总监, 创始人

Roma, in the Sala Diocleziano at The St Regis Rome

In January 2020 Galleria Continua inaugurates the latest endeavor in its development as a leading purveyor of contemporary art; a development that through 30 years of activity has been constantly committed to evolving new forms of dialogue between art and the public and between diverse worlds and contexts. The desire to address as wide an audience as possible has been a perennial goal of Galleria Continua and continues to be so in Rome, the capital city of the founding country of the gallery’s first location in San Gimignano. Galleria Continua’s interest in Rome came about after its previous successful collaborations with the hotel, through presentations of works by Loris Cecchini in 2018 and Pascale Marthine Tayou in 2019. Due to its proclivity for new, exciting and unusual spaces, Galleria Continua / Rome is based at Corso Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 3 Rome, Italy in The St Regis Rome where the three founders Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo have decided to establish the new space in the Sala Diocleziano on the ground floor of the hotel, overlooking the garden.


Following Galleria Continua’s will to unite people, both local and international, while advocating for cultural projects, the visitor venturing to a different kind of space in the Eternal City can expect a calendar of exhibitions, talks, meetings and education and didactic activities including workshops and laboratories aimed at children staying at the hotel and guided visits for schools. This array of activity stimulates a positive and collaborative interaction between contemporary art, global travelers and the citizens of Rome.

Artist Residency

Galleria Continua / Roma in collaboration with the St Regis Rome also offers an artist residency program, reflecting the gallery’s desire and ethos of following and supporting diversity and interculturality in contemporary art. Chosen by a committee of experts every six months, it gives young artists from emerging countries the opportunity to stay in the capital, to expand their individual and professional growth by encountering Italy's great ancient and contemporary artistic heritage and to produce new works that on completion of the residency will be presented to the public in this new space.

"We want the exhibitions that we will present here to be a cognitive experience for children, a way to bring them closer to contemporary art by providing them with suitable methods of interpretation, not only for understanding the artistic language of the time in which they live, but also for the creation of stimulating and creative knowledge. The intent is to use art to educate about art," Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo."

Mario Cristiani, partner
Lorenzo Fiaschi, director and partner
Maurizio Rigillo, director and partner