Galleria Continua


Saturday April 27th 2019, 6 pm - midnight

Via del Castello 11

San Gimignano, Italy

"My work has always dealt with the fundamental human search for transformation, transcendence and reconciliation in the face of mortality. When I was in Anderlecht in June 2014 to select horsehides for my work, I found myself in an alien world. I have known these kind of dealers ever since I started working with horse hides, but I had never been in Anderlecht at this place next to the slaughterhouse. Maybe it was the amount of available skins, neatly stacked on iron pallets, or the smell of freshly slaughtered animals, or perhaps it was the salt mingling with blood to form a wet slush on the ground. Never have I experienced life and death more intensely than here."

Berlinde De Bruyckere