Galleria Continua


São Paulo, a space inside the Estádio do Pacaembú

Galleria Continua in São Paulo is located inside the Estádio do Pacaembú, a complete Sports Complex with a very emblematic importance to its public, not only in São Paulo but in Brazil as a whole. Other than its grand football field, its most recognized feature, the locale is home to a vast Sports Complex, offering various (free) sports activities to the public, such as swimming and tennis to name a few.
It was declared an important historical monument by CONDEPHAAT (Council for the Defense of Historical, Archeological and Artistic Patrimony of the state of São Paulo) in 1998, thanks to its original Art Deco architectural style. The Complex has an extensive and complex history. It has gone through several renovations, was home to innumerable victories, important 1950 World Cup games, and emotional moments that are forever engraved in the public’s collective memory. It used to house one of the most recognized football teams in Brazil: Sport Club Corinthians Paulista (1690 games played at the Stadium).
In the year 2021 the Pacaembu Sports Complex will begin a major renovation process that is scheduled to last around two years and will result in the building of a multi-cultural modern structure that will eventually include cultural events, cafes, shops, office spaces and a new gallery space for Galleria Continua São Paulo. For now, we have an actual gallery space within the Complex, located right beneath the spectator’s seats.
Galleria Continua in São Paulo, similar to its sister galleries around the world, operates in a manner that is not limited to its exhibition walls, but also on the generous ground shared by the public and sports people of Pacaembu stadium.